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About The Coding Boys!

After many years of creating quality software and solutions the coding boys was formed. With a range of industry experience and superior development skills we decided we would like to create our own identity and take on the world!


Mobile App Development

Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable app developers on the Android and iOS platform create high quality, user-friendly, cost-effective mobile applications to meet our customer’s expectations

Web & Custom Development

We create systems that make companies more competitive. Our clients are dynamic companies, who want their IT systems to innovate and grow their businesses.

Agile Consulting

On all our projects we provide and follow the agile route. Keeping our sprints small, using DevOps to track our tasks and bugs, automated builds and tests, and easily adaptable with our clients project methodoligies and status'

Cloud Application Services

We develop and provide intergration for full cloud solutions. Mainly focused with Azure, but also adapt to alternative cloud options tailered to the client

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence continues to work with some of South Africas most admired companies. Our focus and use of expert services and data scientists in order to help customers understand complex problems makes us more than just a technology vendor, but a trusted partner.

Integration Services

We integrate into several different systems using web services and APIs which we either custom design or use existing technology. Integration can also include EDI processes between different data sources.

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Mining Software

Software and data solutions are crucial to mining industries. The team has experience in building custom solutions for platinum and diamond mines. Solutions include responsive data capture systems, data analysis and reporting. Integration to smart devices have also been playing a big role in mining and The Coding Boys strive for inovative development and integration.


Health Software

Health industries rely heavily on robust systems. The Coding Boys have developed and supported systems in the health industry. This industry is data and solution driven, which makes it important to utilize the latest technologies, such as data warehousing, mobile applications, reporting and integration solutions.


Insurance Software

Insurance requires inovated software solutions which connects customers to the business. Using mobile applications and internal web systems, alot of the processes can be automated to save money, and provide a better experience for the customer and steamline the business processes, reporting, and intergration.


Retail Software

A retail industry should be taking full advantage of the modern technologies. Whether it is consumer faced or on the financial side, we believe that the experience from the consumer to the reporting for the finiancial manager should be a seamless process. Allowing software and data solutions to drive the base process of the company will provide massive growth to any retail company.


Events Software

Events is a diverse industry and we believe this is the one industry which relies heavily on custom solution specify to the company's needs. An event company if highly consumer faced and needs to integrate with modern technologies to connect with the consumers. Our team has been involed in custom events systems, internationally.


Banking Software

Members of our team have been valueble consultants in the banking industry in various departments. We understand data integration, compliance and security. Banks rely heavily on the customers and always need to compete with competitors while maintaining security. Our Team has also been involed in developing custom solutions tailored to a specific company


Transport Software

Transport connects people and goods. Our Team have been involved in developing major transport systems and believe that the system for any transport company should be robust and have no space for error. Using the latest technologies available, connecting the company with the consumer and goods, will become the drive of any transport company


Property Software

The property industry have been overwhelmed by the software, mobile application and automated report and our team have been involved in developing systems for the leading property companies. We understand that this industry is very competitive and requires customer solutions tailored to how they do things to get ahead of competitors.

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